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"No Person Should Be Needlessly Blind"

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OFPHIL's state-of-the-art Clinic-On-Wheels

Staffed by local and foreign volunteer ophthalmologists who perform free services whenever possible.

Since 1995 the facility has successfully operated on over 4700 cataract patients and treated over 19,000 patients.


The MOBILE EYE CLINIC is what happens when persons of vision joined with people of means. This facility was OFPHIL's response to the increasing cataract problem in the Philippines. Considering that the Philippines  has the second highest incidence of cataract blindness in the world and that access to eye care services for the poor is lacking,  Dr. Felipe Tolentino (OFPHIL's Founder and President) envisioned a project that would bring these much-needed services to the people.  From this vision the Mobile Eye Clinic was conceived.  Like the Miyake Eye Operating Room project that preceded it, it was adopted by the following  "godparents":

Outside the Mobile Eye Clinic

Surgical Facility in the Mobile Eye Clinic

Operating Room in the Mobile Eye Clinic

Oscar M. Lopez, Chairman and CEO of First Philippine Holdings, donated the mobile van that became the eye surgicenter-on-wheels.

The Late Potenciano Ilusorio, OFPHIL Chairman, businessman, philantropist and his wife Erlinda K Ilusorio provided OFPHIL with office space, staff, and funds.

Atty Benita Santos, OFPHIL Secretary, lawyer, and civic leader provided legal counsel and helped raise much needed funds that made the project viable..

Sabino Santos, M.D. ,OFPHIL Vice President, and his sons, Gabriel and Sabino Jr., who were ophthalmic surgeons rendered services to patients and trained local ophthalmologists in the van.

Geronimo Velasco, Philippine businessman and Chairman of Republic Asahi Glass, contributed to the equipment fund.  

Aurelio Montinola  and Family donated funds for the salaries of full-time ophthalmologists.

Rotary Club International (through Sabino Santos MD), Rotary Club of Sarasota Florida (through Caridad Icasiano-Santos MD), and Rotary Club of Makati Philippines (through Victor Caparas MD) donated most of the equipment in the van.
The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and the Philippine Amusement and Games Corporation provided the majority of the operational funds.

The Norwegian Philippine Mission (through Jovito Salonga) helped augment the operational funds.

EuroMed Laboratories (through Enrique Yap) and Alcon Ophthalmics helped procure medical supplies and medicines.

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) provided the location, security, and maintenance for the van.

Ophthalmologist performing surgery

Pre-surgical eye exam at clinic



Initially, the  Mobile Eye Clinic was intended to be relocated to wherever it is needed.   After many years of operation and moving the van among several locations in Metro Manila, it became apparent that it was more practical and cost-effective to permanently park the van in one location where patients can visit.  The van is currently located at the Meralco Compound in Pasig City.


Ophthalmologists performing eye surgery in the Mobile Eye Clinic are either full-time ophthalmologists hired by OFPHIL or volunteer ophthalmologists.  Sometimes they are assisted by ophthalmology residents from Metro Manila  hospitals.  Administrative and technical personnel are employees of  OFPHIL.    Two ophthalmologists,  two nurses and a surgical technician comprise the Clinic's core staff.

Patients ready to be treated


Patient Selection and Treatment

Patients treated at the clinic are referred by civic organizations, social workers, city eye workers, OFPHIL eye mission team, and local physicians working in disadvantaged areas.  Patients are screened for indigence, ophthalmic conditions,  medical clearance and laboratory examinations.   Over the years tens of thousands of indigent  patients have benefited from these services.  Many blind persons have had their gift of sight. 


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